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03-03-2009, 06:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Frozen Ice View Post
You might be refering to other people, but I never said we're fine. We're faaaaaaarrr from fine.

What would you have Holland do? The Wings are so close to the cap. Adding a tough guy won't solve the Wings defensive woes. Right now (imo) the Wings need to focus on getting Osgood and the defense going. I think it's there best chance.

Yeah, i'm a bit serious today... it's very cold outside.
Wasn't directing it towards you sorry should have been more clear. I was just commenting on the part about the same cup winning roster + Hossa. A lot of Wings fans tend to use that argument as a way of saying why Kenny should stand pat. I personally think he should not.

Now to answer your question, what would I have Holland do? No clue, that's why I'm not an NHL GM. All I know is something has to be done if we're going to compete with the likes of San Jose, Boston, Washington, New Jersey or whoever else may make it that deep. Would a defensive change fix our goals against, or does Kenny need to bring in another goalie? We shall see I hope.

Edit: I don't see a Neil type improving our chances too much, considering our issues are on the back end. Yeah, little grit would help, but that's not the answer. If a move like that is made, I don't think it will be the only move.

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