Thread: McKenzie: Canucks chasing Bouwmeester
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03-04-2009, 12:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Wyrm View Post
It would be very stupid of Gillis to trade good prospects, Bieksa, or Edler for a UFA. Even though JBo is a really high quality D-man, 20 games + small playoff upgrade of Bieksa/Edler - long term loss of Bieksa/Edler are not worth it.

If I were Gillis I'd pretend to want this trade now and asked for a permission to talk to JBo. However, instead of trading for him now I'd get a head start on the upcoming talks to sign him on July 1. Some teams will be throwing 2nd or 3rd pick at Florida a few days before July 1 to get a chance to talk to him. Why throw anything if you can talk to him now and find out what he wants?
People have GOT to stop calling Bouwmeester a small upgrade on Bieksa/Edler. This is an almost Norris Caliber defensemen we're talking about. He's a major major upgrade on both of them maybe even combined. Adding him would immediately bring us up another level for a playoff run.

I really really like that Ohlund, Raymond, 1st deal, and although people are saying it isn't enough, I have a sneaking suspicion that Martin isn't going to get as much as the rumors are saying right now. IMO, they owe it to their fans to AT LEAST replace him with a defensemen the caliber of Ohlund, and I don't think many of these young, long-term defensemen are up there or will help them enough to maintain Florida's playoff chances. From all indications, Ohlund is willing to waive his NTC and will re-sign with whichever team will have him for the money he deserves.

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