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03-04-2009, 12:14 PM
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Don't take advice from 14 year olds. The best skate is going to be the one that fits your foot the best. You're at the retail level so, unlike NHLers, you don't have the benefit of custom fit skates. NHL players can get the sizing, stiffness, volume, etc. of a skate modified to their foot. In the 4-500 CDN range, you cannot, so it becomes increasingly important that you try on multiple skates and get the one that suits your foot. Yes, Vapor XXXXs are great skates, but a great skate still sucks if it makes your foot hurt. Baking is intended to make a skate that fits fit even better; it can't add volume to a boot that isn't deep enough for you. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is an idiot, to be honest.

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