Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: Kings re-sign Sean O'Donnell (1yr), Ersberg (2yrs)
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03-04-2009, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Osprey View Post
Perhaps, but you can't just give the spot to Bernier. You have to make him earn it by elevating his game and outplaying Ersberg and/or Quick, thus forcing Lombardi to make a trade to make room for him. It's very unlikely, IMO, that Ersberg finishes this extension with the Kings (just like LaBarbera didn't finish his). Once Bernier is ready (whether it's next season or the season after), he'll push out either Ersberg or Quick just like how Quick pushed out LaBarbera. It's the circle of life goaltending.
I was very much under the impression Bernier must earn a spot on the Kings, however, he can be brought up to get some time under his belt. The Kings, so far, have not done this for him. He needs time up in LA. Last season was a terrible time for him to get some experience, primarily because it was the very beginning of the season, and our defense sucked.

The point is moot now that we signed EE, but I was hoping the Kings would save additional funds for some goal scorers. Fortunately, though, we signed him to a very reasonable contract.

I'm hoping we don't have a "circle" of goaltending. I, like a lot of fans, TM, and DL, hope that one of these kids can grow into a long-term starter, which is why I wanted to see JB with us next season. Ersberg will be no more than a back-up at this point.

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