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08-27-2004, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by borro
I don't mean to imply that they have glaring weaknesses. They are a top defensive team. Let's be clear that is my feeling. Witt ADDS to the team by being a 2nd pair dman. Redden was what -5? He could use a guy like Witt. I think they would sign him to a 3 year deal in a matter of weeks. Witt is closer to Phillips then most people think. He does represent an upgrade who will likely hit the floor running. He does not rely on knowing his teammates. He hits everything that moves.

I see 2 ways to upgrade the missing grit. One is to upgrade forwards. Another way is to add grit on defense. I think you can help in that way to. Witt isn't a scorer but he does keep the offensive zone alive. I see him as better than Devries.
Brendan Witt is clearly inferior at all facets of the game to Chris Phillips, whom you seem to underrate. Yet Wade Redden? He is simply one of the top ten defensemen in the league.

Witt can be useful on any of the league's 30 NHL teams, but to suggest that Ottawa somehow needs Witt to provide Wade Redden the support that he needs is really stretching it. There's not a lot that Redden needs from anyone.

Witt could certainly find a role in their starting six, but Ottawa does not have so glaring a need on defense for a player like Witt that they would part with something universally considered quite valuable to do it. Volchenkov is a more valuable asset in trade than Witt, and it's not really that close.

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