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03-04-2009, 08:12 PM
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i am worried that even though price is solid, the team is not backing him up...he's 21 if the team loses despite them not bailing him out then can you blame him from being confident? everyone is invincible to emotion, lack of confidence, and pressure when behind a keyboard but in real life not even one of us could survive playing in montreal and being called god...thats the sad reality of it. if this all means price plays ****** for this season and perhaps the next, for him to be amazing for the next ten, fifteen years after that then by all means.

some posters or should i say posers need to realize he's young, he's susceptible to pressure, and he's not being helped by his team members....please stop the carey hating because when he is a stud down the road all you godly keyboard warriors will be on his nuts.

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