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03-04-2009, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by DIEHARD the King fan View Post
With DL, you have to read between the lines, and when he lets slip these little quips, you can see he is a vindictive person. He's obviously taking a snipe at Helene Elliott, and what a cheap way to do it as well. As if a reporter can halt a deal, or maybe because DL knew thedeal wouldn't be well recevied if it got evaluated early, so he holds the deal til the last minute. And Why O' Why wouldn't we have wanted to get Eric Cole instead of an injury prone player like Justin Williams. Staples center is not the Spectrum and LA is not Philly.
Actually, I think he was talking about Hammond. Rich admitted that the deal blew up because he was reporting on it. Then he asked Lombardi and he said "no, we're not going after Williams" to throw him off the trail again. That's my take.

As far as the deal, at first I was heart broken. After a couple of hours, reading comments by the Canes fan, I'm going to wait and see. Like everyone else, I was so disappointed when we traded Vis (my favorite King at the time) but it turned out to be a good trade for us. We can't get attached to our young players (a player who a lot of people hated 24 hours ago) because Dean is building the cupboard to turn around and trade those guys for higher assets. Williams is that asset. We needed a goal scorer. We've all said that the past 30 games. Guess what we just got? A goal scorer who crashes the net and goes into the corners, exactly what Sully was bagged on for. Don't forget, Williams is entering his prime, not exiting. He's only 27 years old, has a cup and is a good locker room presence. He'll bring maturity to our top 6. Also, don't forget, we have Moller. Don't count that kid out to take Sully's spot and thrive.

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