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03-04-2009, 08:47 PM
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First off, I'm going to say this is a great trade for the Kings! Someone explain to me how having a 27 year old guy, with a cup ring, leadership traits, hard work ethic & willingness to do whatever it takes to win is a bad thing?

I can understand everyone's concern's about the injurys. However it's not like Lombardi picks up the phone & makes all these deals on his own. Do you not think that many of the LA top brass gave their views of Williams?

This kid is a stud, a guy that is going to be a top 6 player, will re-gain his form & will be a player that will make you say Patrick O'Who? I'm sorry but when was the last time O'Sullivan had a game that made you say WOW, that kid is coming along? Who is Patrick O'Sullivan to make himself bigger than the team? To hold out while the rest of his team takes part in trainning camp?

You guys all want a winning team in Los Angeles; just as much as I want a winning team in Los Angeles. Let Lombardi complete what he's working on, he's not going to be perfect in every deal but he's sure making things look great. The future has to become the present at one point or another, I think Lombardi knows the Kings are going to get a top 10 pick this year, they have Frolov to sign, and they are making progress in many areas.

This is the time when a guy like Williams is IDLE! I bet you that he is so excited to be coming to this team, even though we are not making the playoffs. There is no team in the NHL that is in better shape for tomorrow than the Kings...and when tomorrow comes & the Kings take shape with Lombardi's vision, I hope all of you come back & read the comments your leaving....

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