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03-04-2009, 09:15 PM
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Originally Posted by RH63 View Post
Just out of curiosity, why do WE have to throw in the draft pick because of the leak?

I don't understand the logic behind it.
I'm pretty sure it's because you can't publicly talk about trades involving players who haven't been informed about the transaction or made official. It's why you see team officials always reply in interviews that they can't comment when directly questioned about an individual on another team.

Tony, it turns out that the reporter in question was Rich Hammond himself.


This three-way trade was all but finished last night. The Kings nearly pulled Patrick O'Sullivan from the lineup last night, but didn't because they were still looking at medical records. Then it all fell apart, in PART because of me and my attempts to confirm the blog item that was in the Toronto paper. Certain details of the trade went public, and the trade fell apart. Dean Lombardi, who was my source last night in reporting that the Kings weren't interested, told me today that he had to lie about his interest in Williams, because the deal was in danger of falling apart. He gave me permission to say that, because he knows my credibility would take a hit, but he didn't have another choice at the moment.

The trade got revived this morning, and the bottom line is that the Kings had to throw in a second-round draft pick in order to get the deal done.

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