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03-04-2009, 10:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Craig71 View Post
I haven't been here long but I do love this site and I have learned one thing, positive or negative, there are some very dedicated Habs fans on here, I don't agree with everything but alot of things I do. . Today I am disappointed in montreal, I sat and watched alot of useless trade deadline coverage pass by, I kept thinking, maybe just maybe, Bob Gainey would do something but nothing happened, can the montreal leadership honestly look at this team and say we are in good shape? Tonight we did not have Yaroslav Halak to bail us out, and the reality of one of our goalies not being to 'steal' a win was a 5-1 loss. If Halak does not stand on his head in those four wins, we would be still in a terrible slump, people we didn't look good in those four games, we just had a hot goalie and thats it. Maybe Mr Gainey didn't do a deal to bail out some of the lazy assed millionaires we have floating around on the ice, or maybe he plans in not re-signing alot of these guys because he does not like what this has turned into, publicly he will say "we will go forward with what we have" but privately I think he believes that this is not the lineup to deliver what we need, hence not trying to re- sign anyone during the season. I hate to accept a first round departure, but honestly how can we expect any different?
If this is the case, why doesn't he simply dump these players and get young players and draft pick back?

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