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08-27-2004, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by BlackRedGold
No. Some of the owners have venues. The NHL has the team names and the TV contracts, not the owners' new league.

Do you think TSN or CBC is going to pay the same for some new unestablished league as it would for a league with decades of history and with another unestablished league offering a similiar product? The owners wouldn't get nearly as much from its contracts.

But the owners are starting a new league to try and prevent the players from getting the money.

There are plenty of arenas around North America that are NHL calibre and aren't owned by an NHL owner. Saddledome, Rexall Centre, Rose Garden, Houston's new arena, and Arrowhead Pond to name some of them. They could also go into arenas are that are almost NHL calibre like the new Winnipeg arena, Copps Coliseum, Ottawa Civic Centre, Toronto's AHL arena, etc.

The fans would rather watch the best players in the less desireable buildings then the less desireable players in the best buildings.

The players also know if they stick together they can beat the owners' new league and get their buildings from them for a song.

Just one problem with that. There are a lot of players with money. Some of them have done quite well over the years. But they can't compete with the money the owners have at hand. The poorest owner is worth several hundred mil, the richest player is under a hundred mil. They may be able to get some backing, but they would have a hard time with the start up expenses.

Even player pay will be an issue. Will the players league be able to pay as much as the owners league? Probably not. And as much as the players say they are united, most of the players making less than $1M per year will go to whatever league will pay them the most. Europeans? They will go to whatever league will pay them the most. Rookies? They will go to the league that will pay them the most. You will be left with the die hard NHLPA supporters in the players league, and their numbers will slowly dwindle as they see they can still make more money in the owners league.

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