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08-27-2004, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by MacDaddy Version 1.3
Hmmm... A SuperLeague maybe? There are probably 10 teams that will say screw you if an attempt to handcuff them with a salary cap is part of the equation. I see 2 leagues forming from the remnants of the NHL-- A superleague with the money teams and better players, and a league that is a step between the AHL and the Super League, kinda like a WHA of the 70s. This league will likely disappear and some teams may be absorbed by the Super league.
a 10 team league would never survive outside of Canada. there would be enough Canadian teams to keep them on TV there and outside of that hockey would be local only in the USA.

the 2nd league you mention would also be only local and would be marginally better than the AHL. that league would not have the financial clout to attract elite european players and would fall much closer to what the AHL looked like a few years ago when there were more veteran players in it. it would be a minor league.
a lot of the current franchises in the NHL that you invision being in that second league would rather fold up shop than participate in a minor league.

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