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03-05-2009, 03:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Trottier View Post
Tell you what. You go into the playoffs with O'Sullivan. I'll take Cole. Deal? Maybe in 2012 I'll change that tune. Now?
That Oilers team wouldn't get IN to the real season with Cole. Now they have a fighting chance. And with a guy who hasn't really adjusted, he wouldn't make a difference in the playoffs. It's actually a classic case of one mans trash is another mans treasure.

But again, you are using HF mentality (which is surprising, coming from you). You and I both know that around here, unless a team is a perceived "lock" to go far, e.g., Detroit, San Jose, 95% of the posters would rather "blow it up" and "tank the season" and collect as many shiny futures as possible. NHL GMs, on the other hand are paid to make their team playoff-viable. That is exactly what the GMs involved in this deal are trying to do. As such, Cole is of extreme vaue, especially to a team with which he has had much success.
Again, the point here is how helpful he is to help the team make the playoffs. I personally agree with you, in that picking up Cole is a great move for Carolina; however, the reason for it is because he is a known commodity for that team, and Staal's comment is very telling to me, that it was the specific player they were looking for, because of his previous chemistry with the team, as opposed to looking for a guy of his mold; in that case, it would be an overpayment by any other team, but in their case, with a tight playoff race and an unreliable (read: injured) player given up, it's a no-brainer.

EDIT: Just saw you're last comment, and you could probably just disregard this, since I'm pretty much entirely agreeing with you.

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