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03-05-2009, 03:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Zeno View Post
Good point. So I wonder when Bernier is going to get a shot?
I believe the one-way contract just means he gets paid the full value even if sent to Manchester. I'm pretty sure he would be subject to waivers though, but it doesn't ensure he can't be in Manchester or Bernier won't see games either in an inj*** relief or outperformance.

In the madness of the Sully thread, I almost forgot about this. Allow me to sound off.

The contract is good for a variety of reasons. Its cheap and a great term. If he performs we have a really good backup who can and would love to fill in as starter if need be. If he doesn't, Bernier gets a shot.

The contract also doesn't guarantee him a spot out of camp. If Bernier and Quick blow everyone away, Ersberg could start the season in Manchester, though I think that is unlikely. If he doesn't perform his contract is extremely tradeable. With a full cheap year, if he is underperforming, we can actually unload him for something, whereas if he was paid much higher, like Gerber, he'd be worthless as an asset.

There are also several UFA goalies this summer, not all of them will sign with new clubs. Some might consider retirement and not get picked up till halfway through the season, some might go overseas. Many clubs have rookie goaltenders emerging, so if god forbid Ersberg sucks it up, we can either A) trust in Bernier/Zatkoff, B) trade Ersberg for another goalie, or C) trade him for a pick or a prospect or maybe a 3rd or 4th liner and sign a leftover UFA goalie.

I'm really happy we signed Ersberg. How cool this is, as well as the OD signing, got kind of lost in the Sully aftermath. This is one less question mark heading into the offseason, which allows for more focus on what else needs to be done and more assets to play with, not needing to waste picks/players/big cash on anyone in net.

Next year looks to be the first year in god knows how long where, barring some freak underperformance by goalies who have been nothing but solid and mostly consistent, rookie mistakes aside, we actually know and are comfortable with the goalie situation going into camp. Two cheap, reliable tenders. Maybe Quick starts, maybe Ersberg starts, maybe they tandem.

This is something you just HAVE to be happy about today.

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