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08-27-2004, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by I in the Eye
The NHL is a business (a franchisee)... nothing more... The owners can shut down operation - start a new league - and buy, or be transfered, whatever is remnents of the NHL shell at any time... The lawyers will work out the details... The existing obligations outlined by the CBA has been met... The NHLPA and the owners do not have a contract...

It's called how to break a union...
This is what I was thinking... The players better watch out. It's unfortunate but Hockey is just not as lucretive as the other major sports and players salaries should reflect that fact. Now If I were in the union, I be pushing more for a temporary comprimise with much more emphasis on increasing the popularity of the sport so that maybe, someday, the NHL could become lucretive enough to support the desired salaries. By all means don't cave in, but a prolonged stoppage now can only hurt both sides. If you hurt the owners too much, they're not going to be as willing to sign big checks and may force them to do something as drastic as create a new league.

I just recently returned from a cross-country road trip and discussed Hockey some with people not in Hockey markets (New Mexico, Oklahoma and such). Amazingly, the objection to hockey I heard most was that the rules were confusing and because of this they didn't understand what was going on (We all know how untrue that is, but obviously there is a need for some education). Next in line was that they had trouble following the puck, and I truely believe HD will eventually help with this aspect.

The NHL obviously realized this problem when they pushed for expansion but I feel they haven't done enough to popularize the sport. Hockey has a good balance of everything that most North Americans love in sports, and now with rollerblades, even people in the desert can even enjoy playing a game that used to be only for those who live in colder climates.

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