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08-27-2004, 03:30 PM
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I guess I kind of question the journalistic value of the article considering it was short enough to write on a napkin and without a reputable source and details.

If it's true, it's genius, and the NHLPA would fold like a house of cards. Sure the star players might keep the NHLPA's company line, but all the young players who are trying to make a living playing hockey would jump to NHL2 in a heartbeat, and you'd also see other fringe players that can't hold on doing the same. If there is enough of a current going into NHL2, then the stars would follow as well and it'd be a lost game for the NHLPA.

That's all if the story has an ounce of validity.

I'd be curious to see an NHLPA versus NHL league and to see where the players would go, and what players would go where. It'd only work if the overall number of teams remained the same or even a slightly smaller total of team. Obviously the talent would divide out to still have roughly 30 teams as today, possibly even two leagues of 16 teams for 32.

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