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Originally Posted by AnaheimDucks90 View Post
All people say EC is very bad, but ha have scored 15 goals and 14 assists in only 47 games. I don't think it is so bad. In Anaheim he will have better linemates with Getzlaf and Perry. It is possible that he will make a big impact. It will be a mistake to overrate O'Dell. You know what can happen with prospects. What's up with Angelo Esposito?
Believe me, if he had 29 Pts. in 47 games he wouldn't have been traded. 15 goals was an error in reporting. He only had FIVE goals, and was shooting at 5.6%! I do think the kid has promise, and was playing better lately on the third line and some PP time, but he doesn't have top-six stamina. He also had a bum left shoulder all year that never healed, and he had to go to a sports psychologist. He has raw talent, but has a long way to go to becoming an NHLer. He should be back in the AHL, I say this being somewhat of a "fan" of his.

Oh, BTW, guess who brought Christensen's game back a bit by playing hard and creating space for him?
Colby Armstrong.

As for Espo, he had a strong camp in Atlanta at the beginning of the year and was progressing well this season...he's now out with injury, and will be back in the mix next year. He'll make the team eventually.

Last point: in the few games before Christensen wrecked his shoulder, he was outstanding. He started as the #1 center and was the best Thrasher in the opening night victory against Washington. At the time, we thought we had ripped Pittsburgh off...and then EC went back to his old ways.

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