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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Too bad he can't be sent down for a bit. Would probably do him good.

And as far as his style, I completely agree. I mean, is it really necessary to go down on EVERY shot? To his credit, his rebound control is pretty good, but you have to actually STOP the puck in order to have rebounds to worry about. And I wish I could see him actually snag pucks with his glove. It seems like if shots don't hit him in the glove, his misses them, or his hand/arm moves AFTER the puck is already by him.

Gotta admit. I'm worried.

I've been worried about him when Gainey gave him the #1 job without earning it or being ready to handle it.

He has played some fantastic games over the last 2 seasons, he really has, but he has also went into slumps where it looks like he should be playing senior hockey in Northern Quebec!!

As far as his style goes....I'm not a fan. Jose Theodore played similar and look at him....he's rotten. You can't cheat and go down on every shot and make yourself big all the time....after a while it stops working and your weaknesses are exposed. As a goaltender I know that you have to rely on your reflexes from time to time instead of just going down and letting the puck hit you.....sometimes you have to follow the play the whole way and when the puck is shot, then react and make a reflex save. It might not be pretty and it might be perfect form, but if it stops the puck....thats all that matters.

Goalies these days are too worried about perfect form and being technically sound and they forget that using your reflexes to react to a shot is a big part of goaltending. You can't just use a butterfly and make yourself big all the time....players can figure out how to beat that style after a while.

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