Thread: Line Combos: With Tanguay's return on Saturday
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03-05-2009, 09:10 AM
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I think that if Carbo doesn't play Andrei RW with Saku and Tanguay, he's the worst coach ever.

Can't he see that AKost isn't playing at his full potential when he is playing with Kovy and NOT on the RW? Everybody sees it except him.

Half of his goals were scored from the right position, and other half in front of the net.

Yesterday, I was watching ''La Zone'' and the interviewer asked Carbo if he thinks the players lost confidence in him. Well, from his answer facial expression, you can see that he's starting to ask himself the same question. And I wouldn't be surprised that the players aren't buying his system anymore.

We have speedy players, why don't use a 2 men pressure? We have players with creativity and Carbo doesn't explore the max his this.

Look at Washington. This team as alot of talent and Boudreau knows it. He tells the players to use their creativity in the offensive zone and it works. But in defense, follow the system and it works! Our defense and goalie are better than them. Why can't Carbo get the max of his players like BOudreau is doing? It's because the players don't like the system. If Carbo would let Markov play like Boudreau does with Green, he would have 10 pts more.

And don't be can say that last year we were 1st in goal scoring, but it was because of the PP.

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