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03-05-2009, 09:49 AM
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Things have changed quite a bit since 2004. I do believe wages are still higher in Alberta than SK, but the gap has narrowed quite a bit, mostly because of people like you that left. It caused the wages here to move up to stop the migration to Alberta. It is quite common now to have construction crews from Alberta working in SK because this is where the work is now, a reverse of the previous 20 or so years.

As for crime, sure there is some, but alot of it is gang related and mostly segregated to one area of Saskatoon. I've never felt unsafe walking around downtown Saskatoon late at night.

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Great province, great people.
Red tape? Plenty.
I moved to Saskatoon from a small town called Domremy in 1979 when I was 16.
Worked for the most part in construction. Taping, drywalling and then painting in '94 and I've been painting ever since.
It was a trial of highs and lows, mostly lows where I would have to have my wife work just to supplement our income. Yes, I was working, but everyone gouged each other for jobs.Never concerened about quality, just who's the cheapest.

I finally got sooooo freakin' fed up with people's cheap attitude that we moved to Alberta in 2004. I went from 30-35,000/year painter to a 100,000+/year painter.

Right now we're working on a small 15 room Hotel not too far from Red Deer that will take just barely 2 months to complete and we will gross 35,000+ with about 2,000 spent on material. Plus we're painting 2 houses as well at the same time. In other words with the Hotel alone I will make more in 2 months here in Alberta than I'd make in a whole year in Saskatchewan.

So yes, there might be jobs in Saskachewan, but it might depend what you're looking for and what their paying.

As for me, and I tell others, I loved Saskatchewan, but Saskatchean didn't love me. I will probably never move back.
Its too bad, because we have a lot of friends there and the people there are super. But it was hard to enjoy life worrying about when or where your next paycheck was coming from and how much it was going to be.

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