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08-27-2004, 04:53 PM
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Originally Posted by GoCoyotes
It actually makes me go back to the post I had recently talking about splitting the NHL into two leagues, the spenders (NHLPA backed) and the rest of the teams that want a cap. Two different leagues where the owners could go where they felt they were best served, you could fit in some intra-league games so they meet once a season at home each, or not, and then the best of the two leagues meet for the Cup final.

Have a read
IMO, this is great... It's an alternative that a good fan of the game came up with to try and solve the problem (while considering and being compassionate towards both two sides)...

IMO, this is what the real world hockey negotiations need... More possible solutions... less bickering as to which side is right or wrong... Get to know, understand, and have compassion for the other side... and this only comes through dialogue and communication... The more dialogue and communication, IMO, the better...

How many proposals did the league submit to to the NHLPA... 6? How many proposals did the NHLPA submit to the NHL? Probably not even that many...

I say both the NHLPA and the NHL send hundreds of proposals back and forth... from the informal crazy ones sent via e-mail (or over a beer) to the dead serious formal ones sent by Fed Ex... Hell, if there is not going to be a year of hockey - at least have the two sides constantly talking and discussing things over that time - even if it's over crazy ideas (not that your proposal is crazy GoCoyotes... I personally think it's interesting... )

That's the only way progress is going to be made... Not one meeting that takes place in August, one in September... one in December... etc...

IMO, constant communication (and thinking) is needed... Even if both sides are debating the existence of God... C'mon Goodnow... C'mon Bettman... Sometime in October, discuss and laugh over a beer about some crazy idea Milbury had to fix the problem - if the alternative is not talking or discussing at all!

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