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03-05-2009, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by The Falconer View Post
When Armstrong played with Crosby he put up more points. If Crosby is a good playmaker I think it is quite reaonable to assume Army would have been even more productive this season.

If Tyler Kennedy is REALLY that much better than Armstrong why isn't he playing on Crosby's line? The Penguins gave up a valuable commodity to land Kunitz. The truth is that Kennedy is not a solution and that's why he is on the 3rd line.

Thrashers GM has commented in numerous media outlets that the phone was ringing off the hook with offers for Armstrong and he turned them down. Apparently a lot of other NHL GMs think Armstrong is quite valuable as a player.
Maybe his first year in the league he did, but not after that.

I'm not bashing Armstrong as a player, believe me. He's an above-average third liner and a decent piece of the puzzle. But he's not a real top 6 player. Neither is Kennedy. Your second paragraph supposes that Armstrong is a solution and that Kennedy is not, and further supposes that I think Kennedy is and Armstrong is not - which is false. I don't think either of them really is.

You can believe that Armstrong would have been that guy if you want. I'm not going to convince you otherwise. But I wish you'd try to justify your opinion a little better, or else admit that it's just an opinion. Your arguments aren't really making your case very effectively, here.

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