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Originally Posted by Puckhead58 View Post
If his teammates aren't standing up for him, then maybe he's done something that lost the respect of the players in front of him!!!

Maybe his partying and cocky attitude have annoyed players in the dressing room so much that they don't give a hoot about him....who knows. There could be many many reasons why Price is struggling like he is.
Price constantly shaking his head at his defencemen and blaming them for him letting in soft goals might be bothering his teammates?? Anything is possible at this point. There is obviously something going on in the Habs dressing room and one way or another, they better get it fixed or the Habs are going to be a sad team to watch for the rest of the season.
The thing is, and I've seen it many times.
The hot goalie is the one who gets defended ALOT.

I look back at Huet with Aebischer.. Huet the hot goalie, he got protected alot and Aebischer not so much.

Huet and Halak.
Huet and Price
Price and Huet
Price and Halak

When Price was hot, the players werent that much of a protecting Halak..
and now Halak is the hot goalie and he is defended alot..

Thats my theory.. I think the hot goalie is the one the players protect and defend ALOT MORE.. when its the back up, its a different story..

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