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08-27-2004, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Russian Fan
Easier to say than to prove. Petrolium companies agreed together to put the same price on Oil in the cities , it's so obvious that it's collusion but nothing to do about it.

Same with the NHL, NHLPA can claim all they want that there is a collusion , it will be very hard to prove it. In fact there's probably a collusion today regarding UFA - Superstars & no one says anything about it ? because it's hard to prove.
Ya, it perhaps would be difficult to prove...

Just to be clear, I see the Petrolium company collusion example different from the NHL collusion example...

Petrolium companies are all separate businesses that are in the oil industry... If collusion exists, this is cross-industry price fixing...

In contrast, the team franchises all belong to the same business (the NHL)... I personally don't have a problem with the team franchises fixing salaries (as they all belong to the same business - in fact, this is both common and legal in the franchising business - and IMO, I think that the franchisee - the NHL - should probably be determining the NHL salaries based on the salaries in the overall free market 'professional hockey industry')... But I do have a problem with the NHL doing it secretly - if they agreed with the NHLPA a completely different arrangement... IMO, that's collusion and illegal... In this case, the NHL is not obligating their legal contract... In this case, the NHL is being deceptive in getting around their legal contract through a 'secret' agreement amongst the franchises - and that's illegal...

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