Thread: McKenzie: Canucks chasing Bouwmeester
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03-05-2009, 01:41 PM
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Gillis also said he has one of the best 4th lines in hockey...which might be true if you put Bernier and Pyatt on it but then you'd have the worst 3rd line in hockey!

Essentially never believe anything a GM has to say about trade talks. No GM is going to say "Yep i tried to get bouwmeester and I offered up X, Y and Z but they wanted Bieksa instead. I was OK with losing X,Y and Z but not with losing bieksa". He still needs X, Y, and Z to play well for the team/organization and while they shouldn't be offended at being offered up in trade talks there is no reason to test that.

Keenan also never knew about the Jokinen deal until after it was done. Sure thing Sutter just like you weren't interested in a center or D-man.

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