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08-27-2004, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Puckhead
How true is that! This is pathetic, and why if you are the reporter, would you bother with such a vague article. I mean we could have come up with a much better story ourselves.
The role of a journalist is to fufill the public's right to know. I'm sure we've all said "they should start a new league" but the fact any remarks that it were being considered would be false, as this was the breaking of this news.

Let's remember this wasn't the front page of the Citizen or anything.

Originally Posted by Vincent_TheGreat
no hockey fan should have to deal with this crap.
Exactly. Hockey was great before the NHL came along. Let's also not forget that 85 years ago, the NHL was a league with teams in Toronto, Québec, Montreal, Ottawa and Hamilton. Since then Ottawa lost its team (only to get it back some sixty years later), Québec lost its team only to have the moved franchise win the Stanley Cup the very same year and Hamilton is supposedly to small to support a franchise (despite being a larger city than many existing markets) and too close to Toronto (see New York City with its three teams, Los Angeles with its two, etc.)

In 1942 the league was condensed to the "original six" in an attempt to reign in the game, something that has been unthinkable in the NHL since at least 1994. In the history of the NHL, four Canadian teams have been relocated to the States (Ottawa, Hamilton, Winnipeg and Québec, correct me if I am wrong) while only one American team has moved to Canada (Atlanta). The NHL was created to Canadians could watch professional Canadian players play Canada's sport, and the ridiculous state in which it stands (fans lose out, people who have never played hockey in their life get rich) is a travesty. Boo!

If a new league means no Bettman it sounds like a good idea to me. Don't think it'll happen though.

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