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03-05-2009, 11:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Pog Form View Post
I have a ridiculous shameful whippy-as-hell Frankenstein stick that I love with all my heart.

- The shaft is an old TPS Response (the yellow one from a few years ago).
-The blade is a wood Easton Scott Walker model (pretty sure they stopped making 'em ages ago)
- And, to top things off, I have a junior wooden plug in the end. It isn't as thick as the stick shaft, so I feel like I am able to get a better grip when stickhandling, passing, shooting, etc.

I am dreading the day when the shaft finally snaps. I should probably start looking into finding a replacement so that I can gradually transition it in to my game. I don't want using a new stick to be a traumatic experience. :'(
I finally snapped the shaft last night after like 2+ years of use.

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