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Originally Posted by RE-HABS View Post
We have a lot of roster spots to fill and need to really get some quality to play with those under contract right now.

There will be 12.5 + million left with Kovalev/Lang/Dandenault/Bouillon/Cullimore/Salmelainen off the books.

Sign the Sedins, seriously.

Koivu and Tanguay can be had for a hometown discount, there is no need to keep their salary at par.

RFA's Plekanec, Latendresse and Higgins do not deserve high raises.

Schneider could be kept for cheaper, and we promote kids from Hamilton and/or see Emelin come over on D.

Komisarek doesn't deserve a dollar over 4 million per.

Kids like MaxPac and D'Ago have earned a spot, Maxwell is close so there are cheap alternatives as well.

With Lappy playing how he has it look like Chipchura is out of here, he is now trade bait and quite tradeable at the draft more than likely to Edmonton or Calgary, seems to be their type of player.

I think the thing I hate the most Metropolit is on the books one more year for a million and that is Kostopolous's money...and he will get higher offers at 1.5-2.0 on the open market.

We need to make a splash and the Sedins are young, and they come together.

Vinnie is nice, but I hate the price to get him and the contract length and dollars.

If we have learned anything from the deadline is that high salaries are not wanted by teams, so this year to be a UFA maybe a bad one and draft picks and prospects are a high commodity and no one wants to part with them.

So to me we have all three, good prospects/young players, picks and a lot of cap space to get players.
I made this post in the Elliot Friedman thread, but I'd rather get Vinny and promote Pacioretty to a top 6 position (~$8.25M for both) than commit $12M in salary to the twins.

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