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03-05-2009, 11:22 PM
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What Holder/Runner should I get?

as a follow up to my other thread, which holder/runner should i get?

im probably going to get what ever runner comes in the holder so really what im asking is what holder i should get.

if you read the other thread i think you know that i have graf 705s with the cobra holder. i really dont like the forward pitch of it.

many said to get the tuuk lightspeed II, someone else suggested the custom+. are those my two best options? and what is the difference between them. i have skated on custom + but have only skated on LSII once and really couldnt get a good feel for them cause the skate was two sizes too small

basically im looking for the flattest most neutral holder out there. is it worth looking into any other holder? maybe the e-blade or the Prolite? will switching the holder negatively effect the performance of the skate? i have looked into this a bit and noticed alot of graf owners with the cobra holders ended up switching to tuuks because they didnt like the cobras

thanks again everyone

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