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03-06-2009, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Hull Fan View Post
Turco makes way too much money for the quality of play he has given the Stars this season. He makes 5.7 million dollars. His 2.80 GAA and .898 save percentage rank 27th and 36th respectively out of 43 goalies with at least 20 games played.

Between the contract and the NTC his debt to value ration is atrocious. Can he steal games? Yes, but for every game he steals it seems that he gives ones away too. What's that other lovely statistic? 10 goals on the first shot this season. That's 17% of the time this season the other team has scored on their first shot. None of these numbers scream winner, good value, or leader.

But heck they're just numbers right. Stats don't matter, Turco's subpar play this season was because of Avery, then injuries and now well he's tired. Everything will be magically better next season when it matters. His contract year. He's not worth the money now and certainly won't be worth the money he demands then.
With posts like this, you're coming so close to making a point but falling so far short because you only see what you wish to see. Yes his stats are terrible, he is giving up soft goals, and he is just plain sucking this season; you are correct about that. However, you seem to forget EVERY OTHER SEASON HE HAS PLAYED!!

This is the first bad season of his career, stop freaking out and acting like we should dump him at the drop of a dime. You wanna talk about numbers, try looking at Turco's goaltending stats over the last 5 years. But what does that prove, they're just numbers; consistency doesn't mean anything.

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