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03-06-2009, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Doc Madsen View Post
I thought Komi has played bad for most of the year. Even the start of the year he was way out of position trying to throw the big hit when one wasn't needed. Still a good player but not playing good this year.
Between Komi and Gorges? Depends right now, neither I would go with cube. It also depends on cost. I don't think Gorge will cost us as much money as komi, but that is only cuz of last year not this year. If you look at Komi's play he has had 2 good years and that is really about it.
I agree he wasen't that good early this year then he got hurt in a fight with Lucic. It took a long time to recover and im sure he's not 100% yet. Now did it affect him mentally? It's hard to say. Then when Bob finally woke up and got some help Komo lost his partner Markov.Markov made him look better than he actually is and Komo knows it as he always praise him in interviews.

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