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Originally Posted by Oshniak View Post
I've checked all the sites I know and I'm not finding it online. Sorry guys.

Just a quick question, for those of you who read my response in the Blues bashing thread in the main forum, You know I got an infraction. Now can anyone else see my avatar? Because I can't and I can't even view my profile. A little help?

There are 10 predefined infractions that expire in 30 days and 3 Levels of punishment that incrementally disable privileges. Warnings are the same as infractions but carry no point penalty.

Spam, Ads, Off Topic, Thread Hijacking (5) Warez (5) Flaming (5) Copyright Abuse (5) Trolling (5) Offensive (5) User Title, Avatar, Sig, Location (5) Libel (5) Disclosure of Private Information (5) Moderator Abuse (5) Ethnic/Racial/Gender Slurs (5) Misc. listed in Site Rules (5)

The following penalties are triggered by the point total in parentheses:
Level 1 (10 points) = the following are disabled: search, poll posting, avatar, attachments, email to a friend, profile editing, invisibility, signature, username changes, and post editing. The PM quota is reduced to 10,
Level 2 (15 points) = Level 1 + complete loss of PM + ability to start new threads.
Banned (20 points)

Privileges are incrementally restored as points expire. New members registered 90 days or less who reach Level 3 status are considered 'busts' and are automatically permanently banned.
-- and no ... I can't do anything about it, I'm not an admin right now.

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