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03-06-2009, 09:02 PM
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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
holy crap fellas - nice start! Out of the 14 non-Regina players taken, ten of them were pretty high on our list. Nothing gets past you guys.

VCL is just a proxy draft pick maker, not really a true co-GM this time around, as I understand it. So don't expect him to be posting much, if anything about our picks.

I'll be using my few minutes of net access each day to try to post something about each player we take.

Janney, thanks to his playoff record and his playmaking, was tops on our centers list. Smith was a guy I targeted as an anchor for the defense corps from the start.

Janney was actually a guy I found it really, really hard to pass on when finally deciding on Haynes as a second line center in MLD10. He needs the right wingers, but we can get him that.

Haviland Routh, Allan Cameron, Slava Bykov, the Fogolins, Fred Whitcroft... nice work, gentlemen.
Yeah...I'm basically just going to be listpicking mostly, but I'll try and squeeze in a couple things when posting. Just don't expect any seventieslord-esque bios from me.

Agreed about the solid picks so far.

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