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08-28-2004, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by DementedReality
i agree and this is why the players reject the "partners" concept. they dont want to be partners. they want to be paid. the owners know business, and if the owners are freely choosing to pay them x dollars, then they know best.

its so simple its driving me mad. IF YOU DONT WANT TO PAY A PLAYER 3.5m THEN DONT ! but dont cry if he leaves becuase someone else CHOOSES to pay it to him.

you try telling this to the owners, they'll look you right in the eye and say you're wrong, if i don't pay him this much, my competitor will and then i'll be screwed, a player's value is driven up by supply and demand, if enough teams want you and you've put up 80 + points for the last 3 or 4 seasons then you're behind the wheel, and some idiot owner WILL pay 10 mil just because they think you'll keep doin it, but that isn't always the case and when said player falls on his face and only puts up 40 - 50 points that season, player y, who's a FA the next year will look and say i put up so many points two years ago, 70 points this year... i should be paid equal to him... so on and so forth and this is how the nhl has the HUGE out of control salaries, while yes i'll admit players thus far have taken less, many have done so JUST so they can get paid, but i'll agree, if the same cba is signed, salaries once again will be skyrocketing out of control, you have players who care about their teams and players who care about the $$$$, and unfortunately nowadays there's more who only care about the latter than the former,

IMO the cap wouldn't be just for the owners to control spending, but moreso for the players who make way too much to begin with, and as we've seen and heard, EVEN NHL PLAYERS say they make too much, yes not all of them say it, but all that have mentioned it have freely admitted that players today make too much

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