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03-07-2009, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by just_thoughts View Post
Why a right-handed shot? because a right-handed shot coming into the faceoff circle off the half wall on the left side can use his body to shield his stick from the defenseman coming in from the same half-wall.
I don't usually post, but I've been a little concerned with the level of hockey intelligence demonstrated on this board lately. It's a slippery slope and it seems there is a logjam of people sliding down this hill on their butts; while spinning in circles.
Thanks for reading.
It's a fair point. A lot of people slammed Carbo for this last night, a lot of people stuck up for him making that decision last night. It's not the choice I would have made but I can understand why he did it.

But if Carbo is to be praised for recognising that a RH shot would be useful out there, if he was considering shooting lanes and angles and made a good call, what is the defense for him almost always using Andrei Kostitsyn on the left wing? Andrei has the hardest shot on the team since the beginning of last year. He is currently the teams leader in goals scored. He is clearly a skilled player and someone we should look to for scoring. He is also young and potentially a large part of the future of this team. So how come Metropolit gets the benefit of being played in a position where he gets better shooting angles and the player with the best shot who leads the team in goals scored doesn't?

As I said, I can understand why Carbo used Metro last night in that situation. But if that is truly something that is on his mind, why is he missing out on maximising the skillset of a player like Andrei? He needs to be on the right wing, even if it's on the 3rd or 4th line. He showed earlier in the year he can produce on a line with Lapierre, he did so in Hamilton as well. He has shown he can produce with any centre on the team right now other than Metro (due to the limited time they have had together). Clearly, for whatever reason, he isn't playing his best right now. But if we want the kid to shoot more, if we need him to score, when does he get a chance to benefit from better lanes and angles?

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