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08-28-2004, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by garry1221
not saying any team should have to be forced to break up because of a cap, i'd hope there'd be some kind of a)franchise player exemption one or two players at most, or b) exemption for longevity w/ the club
As ridiculous as it may sound, the players have to realize that if they absolutely do not want a cap, then they should expect to have no more guaranteed contracts. If they have a bad year, the team can walk away, or pay them according to their output. We all know that this arbitration thing is a total crock. They need to find a better way to judge what a player should get as a raise, and what better way then to make all contracts made up of incentives. # of games played, goals scored, assists, PP pts, ice time, hits, blocked shots, etc...Give all of these NHL lawyers something to do. The days of Lapointe having a decent year and then getting 5 years and 25 million dollars have to go, I realize that it is not the players who are having the brain cramps, and if someone offered me that money, I would sign it right away, but they need to come with a system whereby before a team signs a player they should have to clear it with a non biased opinion like arbitration should be, and that way maybe someone can slip a reality pill to the prospective GM and stop him before he makes a mistake that then throws the whole value system in the league out the window. I do not begruddge the players anything, and I do think the owners are to blame for what is going on in the NHL, but the only way to fix it is to find a way to work together, and if you look at the other pro sports like Basketball and Football, it really works.

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