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08-28-2004, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Puckhead
As ridiculous as it may sound, the players have to realize that if they absolutely do not want a cap, then they should expect to have no more guaranteed contracts. If they have a bad year, the team can walk away, or pay them according to their output. We all know that this arbitration thing is a total crock. They need to find a better way to judge what a player should get as a raise, and what better way then to make all contracts made up of incentives. # of games played, goals scored, assists, PP pts, ice time, hits, blocked shots, etc...Give all of these NHL lawyers something to do. The days of Lapointe having a decent year and then getting 5 years and 25 million dollars have to go, I realize that it is not the players who are having the brain cramps, and if someone offered me that money, I would sign it right away, but they need to come with a system whereby before a team signs a player they should have to clear it with a non biased opinion like arbitration should be, and that way maybe someone can slip a reality pill to the prospective GM and stop him before he makes a mistake that then throws the whole value system in the league out the window. I do not begruddge the players anything, and I do think the owners are to blame for what is going on in the NHL, but the only way to fix it is to find a way to work together, and if you look at the other pro sports like Basketball and Football, it really works.
i agree .. if the players are going to make "salary cap" their battle, they will have to negotiate other areas.

-qualifying offers

these are three. one other area the owners should try and negotiate is an extra round of playoffs. say a wild card best of 5 round for 4 more teams. this gives the owners another source of revenue without having to pay the players. hey, if the players want to make the money, its going to be on their backs. fact is, if the owners could generate income by making the players play 500 games a season, then so be it. 500 is obviously an exageration, but if the owners truly are losing money and the players truly will not budget on the salary cap, there has to be another way to skin the cat.


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