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08-28-2004, 05:42 PM
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Originally Posted by garry1221
i find this to be oxymoronish....and yes i knwo that aint a word, but if they didn't care what they were paid then they wouldn't care if it was within a cap or not, plain and simple the players must care what they get paid or they woudln't be so against a cap being put in place.. while the players may not care if they get 4 mil or 8 mil...they DO care what they get paid

and you answer to this will most likely be somewhere around the area of "it's a players right to get paid for what he brings in'' and you'll also argue that it's the owners fault if they pay the player more than they really wanted to keep that certain player, but that's a catch 22, said player said he wants a larger salary than what he's been offered, note: said player is a premier player in the league, should the owners cave and give him x million more than what they wanted they stand a chance of losing money becuase they went outside their budget... if they don't re'sign him and he becomes UFA they lose him for nothing, OR they make a trade such as the Weight to STL deal, yet they stand a chance at losing money as well.. w/ said player off team there's the possibility that you won't make it as far in the playoffs, if you even get there, however w/ said player on the team you'd be pretty much a lock for a playoff spot

all the above counts for possible lost revenue, not to mention letting a premier player go, who in most cases would be a fan fav... could dicourage fans and alienate them, also counting in lost revenue... it's cause and effect when you sign anyone to any contract, if the potential effect is great enough to make an owner pay the extra and go over budget a little, then obviously he'd be a fool to not sign and have a negative effect be blanketed over his team, i think i've rambled on enough for right now
The problem with that Garry is not that they don't care being paid or not, they just want to be a free market.

Let me explain myself. Let's suppose you put a CAP & miraculously the NHLPA accept.

Year 1 : we see a decrease of salary of 10% & now 22 teams out of 30 teams are making profit.

Year 5 : we see a stabilization of salary but the REVENUE GOES UP & now all 30 NHL FRANCHISE are making money & they make money more & more each year after that.

I know you probably like so many other will say, THE HELL with players they make 2 millions a year they shouldn't cry about the owner making 20-30 millions a year.

The players no matter what will never get sympathy of the fans because of envy.

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