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03-07-2009, 01:57 PM
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What would be interesting is if we look at the same issue from a different point of view. I continue to believe the problem is hypothetical for now. In reality, it has not "limited" the Habs. That may change, but for now it hasn't been a limitation.

Here is the proposition: If it were true that the selection of bilingual coaches has limited Montreal, then it would stand to reason that other comparable markets would perform better than Montreal over time.

Are we agreed on that?

I submit the Laffs and the Rangers. They have comparable markets and money, if not more money during the non-cap years. For 40 years now, they've had access to all the "best coaches". The result, one cup. Therefore, the theory as applied to reality doesn't really bear out. Add to the Rangers and Leafs, the BlackHawks. Still 1 cup. How about Boston? How many cupless years?

Maybe we should look at bilingual coaches as assets instead of limitations. Lemaire, Hartley, Demers, Robinson, Bowman, all cup wining coaches. Julien about to lead Boston to the number one seed. Carbo won last year. I see as much evidence in favour of maintaining a bilingual coach as going with someone else.

There are just not that many great coaches out there, that's the bottom line, and we've had many good ones and some great ones in Montreal. No one was going to help this team during the dark years in the 90s. No coach was going to take the Habs to the Cup last year.

And as I've said, being a coach in Montreal is different than being a coach anywhere else. It's a much different environment, and the public is eager to follow the storyline of the team as much as the games themselves. I happen to think it's an asset to be able to communicate in both languages. So does anyone working in Montreal in the public eye. For what it's worth, I think Carbo has done a decent job and based on last year's performance deserves the benefit of the doubt this year.

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