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Originally Posted by HABSwannawin View Post
But Sakic was a true leader.

Tremblay agrees that Carbo have some flaws, we all know that. This is the same team (and coach's system) that finished 1rst last year, without the PP, or without Streit of you prefer. Thanks Bob to bring Schneider to make the CH looks like 'CH with a Streit".

But a fact remains : the CH does not have a legit 1rst center, big enough, dominant like the Cup Contender Teams have. It's been a while the CH sucks at 5 vs 5. The head of the CH team did not hired a legit 1rst center, did not draft one (they missed their chance with Richards, Getzlaf, Kopitar, Zajak, etc), I mean the CH is far from being a Cup Contender with Koivu and Plekanec as 1rst and 2nd centers. This doesn't look serious, this is underestimating the importance of a true 1rst center.

But the topic is about room leadership of the players. Some parts of the season the players seems to buy Carbo's system (and the CH wins a good part of the games), they bring energy no matter what the lines are. I think it's very difficult for any coach of the CH to create lines that works, you (not you but generally) on that forum might think it's easy, think about the player's ego, their injuries, etc. You have to think about the chemistry of the players, their personal preference, the way they will play on the ice.

I'll tell you someting very simple : I like teams that are built around 2 good centers, I think it's more easy to built lines with strenght down the middle, like any sports, like any strategy game (chess for example, a good use of the queen). Continuing the persevere with weakness down the middle is a mistake, for me, my own opinion. So, in that perpective, please be tolerant with Carbo, he doesn't have an easy job.
They finished 1st last season due to their PP, not Carbo's system. The 5on5 system Carbo has installed has never truly worked.

Wouldn't you agree that as a coach, one of your tasks is to get the best out of your players? Carbo has failed tremendously at doing so in 2 seasons (considering it continues as it has lately and we miss the POs).

Sure, having strong vocal leaders in a room can be helpful, but it isn't an excuse imo.
You said it yourself, Chemistry is important. That's also the coaches job to develop a good one among his players. You think changing lines as often as he does and putting Lappy/Kosto as much ice time is good for the team unity?..
Did you ever play competitive sports?..I played hockey until Juniors, and it never sat well when a coach would make certain players play instead of the main skilled ones. Do it a few shifts, do it for 1 period, but never as long as Carb's has done it.

It's unacceptable that he gave Lappy/Kosto 20+min of ice time in back to back games. Now, I'm not an NHL coach, but to me that's just ridiculous. We're on a discussion board, so I'm just giving out my 2cents, I'm not pretending to know better.

There's also a difference between being a cup contender, and playing as badly as we've been. There's a fine gap between both and I think we'll both agree that we're not nearly as bad as we've been playing. The way our Dmen struggle like they're Pee-Wee players has nothing to do with having a big top liner or lacking vocal leaders. It's just bad coaching, and if the players don't listen to the coach, then you have to ask yourself why.

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