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Originally Posted by austrooper View Post
No great surprise either way....McGill has a lot of character guys and they proved that year beating Moncton they way they did....Trois Rivieres just the opposite.....they play when the mood strikes them...too many lay-me-downs in past nationals to generate much enthusiasm for that program. Western traditionally plays with an edge so will be interesting for teams facing this group at the nationals, particularly with the tourney being in Ontario...UNB vs. Saint Mary's means a lot when you consider the seeding repercussions...avoid Alberta and Western at all costs...too bad they couldn't play a best-of-five...can't see why the AUS doesn't play both semi and final in that format....make some money and generate more enthusiasm for the level....
It's so both teams don't arrive at the Nationals after (possibly) having battled each other to death in a 5 game series that ultimately doesn't have much meaning other than who to give the trophy to. You want both of your teams to make it to Nationals as fresh as possible to better represent your conference.

And sure, seeding at Nationals is important, but it's not everything. Honestly, look at the UNB - Saskatchewan game last year, everyone was pumped about how great the game would be, and Saskatchewan turned in one of the worse performances of the tournament (possibly tied with our game against McGill ) And I also didn't give us much of a chance to beat Alberta on the first day of competition either. So yeah, seeding may be important, but funny things happen in these 'one game' tournaments.

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