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03-08-2009, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by jambo View Post
If the problem was just Carbo it would be an easy choice to get rid of him but i think the problem is much bigger than just Carbo.
How the heck does Kovalev get off getting multi millions of $$$$ and does nothing,its people like him Price,Komi and others who we are relying on to lead this team to glory and its like they just dont give a s%^t
And you know how much of a **** these players are giving how exactly? If anything, Kovy and Price are trying too hard. Playing badly has gotten into their heads. It's up to Carbo to give his players some confidence, but Carbo doesn't know how to manage his players at all.

By the way, all hockey players make millions of dollars. Kovalev makes 4.5 million, and his performance is on par with many players who make that much money.

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