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03-08-2009, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by MONACOBLUE View Post
I take it you have an idea to get a star player? UFAs do not want to come here, and Gainey can't blackmail them into coming to a city where the media speculates without evidence, the fans are rabid and turn on you on a dime, the weather sucks, the roads suck and taxes are high. Trades? Most good players have NTC. You have to get guys who want to come here.

Trading for a real star player is even harder. How many have been available over the last few years? Luongo. A goalie - probably not what we need. Lecavalier? Hasn't been traded yet. Jokinen - not a ****ing star and a huge locker room cancer. Seriously, ask the Panthers fans who had to suffer through him. You don't know more than them. Marian Hossa? Gainey made his offer. He judged that giving up any more would have hurt the team. You know what would've happened if we got Hossa? The team would've still lost in the semis or the ECFs. Hossa would leave. We have no Cup, no Chris Higgins, no 1st round pick. Is that what you want?

Do you really think Gainey does nothing because he can't? How hard is it to make a call and do a trade? Not that hard. How hard is it to make a good trade? MUCH harder. Gainey doesn't make these trades because they would hurt the team.
Thank you for the reality dose

some people need it.

Its true that Gainey doesn't trade UFA's at the deadline for draft picks... but those guys are needed on the team for playoff runs.

Anything can happen in the playoffs.

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