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08-29-2004, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by I in the Eye
IMO, the owners spending NEEDS to be controlled...
I think this is the wrong use of market levers. Better and fairer is to make their spending ineffective in gaining an unfair advantage.

Originally Posted by I in the Eye
I don't see how a system like this would be bad for the owners, OR the players... In exchange for a lower fixed salary cost - I would negotiate a higher variable cost...
It sounds similar to one of the 6 proposals put forth by the owners. You make it sound a bit like the owners give the players stock options. Im not sure owners would agree to that particular percentage of revenue type bonus as an individual performance bonus.

Of course right now the biggest variable revenue is the playoff booty. And the variable cost of that now is very low. Its all gravy for the owner. .

Is the premise of players getting a percentage of the revenue that the problem is that when the owner negotiated his salary budgets he had no idea what his revenues would likely be? He was negotiating the salary based on the fact that all the games would be sold out at high prices and when attendance didnt max out, he lost money?

Perhaps since determining revenue by looking at the books of something designed to be a tax shelter is very misleading, they could use paid attendance as a proxy. If the teams collectively exceed 80% capacity attendance, all players get a bonus.

One of the problems with incentive based bonuses is that some great players never reached greatness until they found a 2-way game. Modano, Yzerman, Lecavalier. Performance bonuses would make them less of a team player which is so needed for success in the NHL.

Fans shouldnt want something that encourages selfishness in players for stats over team goals. It may be good for running a hockey pool where points are all that counts, but really we need role players sacrificing their stats for the team. Let the businessmen decide how much these are worth to them. They are smart enough to do it.

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