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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post
But your right, Poile has only made two non-deadline deals which have had a "positive" impact on our team.
You are right... Timo Helbling was traded for an 8th rd pick that ended up being Pekka Rinne. But honestly, that's more a testament to the guy who scouted Rinne in Flinland, not an amazing trade by Poile.

RE: Shero

I agree. I wish we had Shero over Poile. In 2 years, he's made more significant roster moves than Poile has in 11 years. Last year, he made the moves to add depth around Malkin and Crosby, and they made it to the Finals. In the offseason, he was limited, but still signed some low risk short-term contracts (Sykora, Satan, Fedetnko). Some worked, some didn't. But a huge difference between Poile and Shero is that Shero isn't afraid to move on (see Satan). Would Poile EVER cut a 17 goal scorer in mid-season? Never. Then, Shero gets the guts to trade from a position of strength to address a position of weakness (Whitney-Kunitz).

I don't think Poile is a bad GM, but he has some big weaknesses (passiveness, fear-of-change, lack of creativity). He's able to build up a good wealth of assets, but can't seem to make the right moves with those assets to achieve true success (aka playoff success). Again, the same reason why he was canned in Washington, we are seeing first hand in Nashville.

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