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03-08-2009, 06:07 PM
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Originally Posted by shamski7 View Post
yeah they're legit... and if they arent they're very close to it. i highly recommend that site. only thing is they come directly from china and take 10-14 days to arrive but thats reasonable.
If they are coming from China then there is no way they are legit. China has a huge problem with counterfeit goods.

As for real vs fake jerseys, there is no way I'd knowingly buy a fake jersey. I'm not going to support someone stealing someone else's intellectual property. Not to mention all of the innocent people who get suckered in thinking these are legit when they aren't. Who can support that?

I agree the price for real jerseys is absurd. I really can't afford to buy the jerseys I like, but so what? I am not entitled to own those jerseys so I do without. I'm not going to line some criminals' pockets with my hard earned money so I can be like everyone else and own a jersey. Not to mention it's tacky as hell to buy counterfeit products.

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