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Originally Posted by PhillyFan4Ever View Post
here is how it goes....

lets pretend..... trust me i am not in the least a part of this......

ok here we go.
i am the production supervisor at RBK

i put orders or " listings" on ebay for diffrent select jerseys of the most popular players. i put out a about 5-10 listing with diffrent sizes.

you " buy now" and send me the money.

after payment confirmation i slip the order into the production line for one of my 10 cents an hour workers to sew it up like the 1000s she has made already.

she hands it to me i ship it out fedex to you.

you get it. your wearing it.
Yeah i understand how it works but I have a very difficult time thinking that that would be enough to satisfy demand. For every 10 FAKE knockoffs you find on ebay you might find 1 good one. I had a friend who knew someone at the Puma factory in Chile and they had italian national team football jerseys sent up for cheap. They were the real deal as far as I could tell. So yes I do know how it works. I think youre being irresponsible by telling people that they are common tho.

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