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03-09-2009, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
So, I take it, it's not the Achilles Tendent, but the part of the Achilles that attaches to the that correct?

To be honest, this happens a lot to players that don't unlace their skates all the way, they are in a hurry to pull off the skate and they pull the tendent right at this place where the tendent meets the heel.

Plus, age has a major factor in this. In your in the teens to mid or late 20's it's not that big of a deal. Your body will recover fast. But right after you turn 30, it could take weeks to recover.

Because it's a tendent that attaches to the bone, it's harder to heal and not pain meds will help. But you could take some Ibuprofen, Ice it and add heat every once and a while. Hot tub works wonders. The ibuprofen is an anti-inflamatory which will help with the swelling.

Head coach
Yah, I found the jacuzzi got rid of it the fastest. And that's my type of re-hab.

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