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03-09-2009, 03:21 PM
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no problem, in addition to the clear and stiffer holder the lightspeed 2 features a longer runner/blade/metal whatever, the idea behind it is that it gives you a smoother/ longer glide phase therefore more speed, the difference is only 3-4 mm but is noticable.

I have LS2's on a set of One90's, as for the holder, theyre great, however I have had the blade profiled back to "normal" forward rocker. It took a bit of getting used to/ adapting at first, I could have done with a heel lift but I am finding the "standard" rocker a lot better for me, I have quick feet so need the agility but also need the speed which the new profile offers.

The LS2.1 debuted last year with the One95's and One75's, this allows you to have the LS2 long runner (3-4mm longer foudn on the One 90's) and the standard TUUK lightspeed (on most bauers and retorfitted to most nhl skates regardless of boot) as the holder accomodates both. THIS IS WHAT I WOULD SUGGEST AS IT GIVES YOU THE FLEXIBILITY TO CHOOSE WHICH!

In July I am heading to california for 3 months to play hockey, im looking at buying new skates, where I will have no problems buying the boots again I will seek out a different holder.

Any more questions give me a shout

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