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03-09-2009, 09:41 PM
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Felt bottomed shoes. You can buy them for fly fishing where you wade across submerged rocks with water flowing over them. Outdoor stores should have them, but unless you get a pair on sale you still have the $100 shoes problem.

So here's a trick. Buy a tube of barge cement and a cinderblock or two. Go to a carpet store and get scraps of carpet, they'll give them to you. Shorter, industrial stuff works best.

Now, get an old pair of shoes, preferably with worn flat bottoms- old sneakers, basketball shoes...

Cut the carpet to the shape of the shoe, use the barge cement to glue them on. It needs pressure to dry well, so use the cinderblock to apply pressure to the soles while they dry. Congrats- you basically simulted a felt bottomed shoe without investing more then $15.

Good luck!

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